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The Truth about Test Week

For anyone who has never undertook the daunting schedule of vet school test week, picture studying every night for a week, and still wondering if you know enough of the information to do as well as you hope.  These weeks involve late nights, caffeine runs, stacks of books and notes, and study groups.  Yet, despite all of the stress and sleepless nights, there is not a student in the vet school who would trade this for the world.  We have worked for this honor our whole lives, and now we are here, studying and working towards the goal of our lifetime.   Today after a solid week and a half (give or take) of studying for our first two tests of the semester, the 2nd year vet school class has an afternoon to breathe, before we start to prepare for the next one in a week.  This year, I approached round one of tests with a much different attitude.  There is a very different feel among my class, since we have year one under our belt.  We have discovered our best methods of study, and we have our classmates to support us and study with us.  Last year I remember wondering how I would possibly manage to study for every class and keep up with all of the material without letting any classes fall by the wayside, and I can see that same fear and worry in the faces of first year students preparing for their first round of tests.  I remember the second year class last year, as they encouraged my class in our studies and boosted our confidence.  As I walked through the hallways this week, I tried to pass on that encouragement to first years enduring their first tests of vet school.  As I encouraged first year students to remember that they will survive, I was struck with the memory of my first tests of vet school, the nerves, the fear, and the stress.  I am amazed by the difference in my demeanor for the first round of tests of second year.   Second year tests still bring with them nerves and stress, but there is also the knowledge and comfort that I have made it through vet school test weeks before, and that I will make it through this one as well!  The most amazing truth about vet school test week is that all of the students, from all the classes are in it together.  We support each other, and help each other through, whether that is through gifts of cookies and caffeine, supportive study groups, or just prayers and encouragement. We all have each other's back.  Vet school is a family, and during test week we see the family come together, and we all know that we will make it.  We are the veterinarians of the future, and from where I stand, the future looks bright!