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Five New Roomies

First week of school started off pretty much the same as last year until I got the call from Krystle Gervais, the volunteer coordinator with the Brazos Animal Shelter.  She knew that I had recently moved off campus and asked if I would be willing to "foster" a momma cat and her four kittens.  I immediately wanted to say 'Yes!' - But, needed to be a good roommate and at least run it by the lovely ladies who live with me. Luckily, they love animals too and we were all on board.  We drove to the shelter later that day and picked up the cats. Along with the cats, came their gear: kennel, play boxes, litter, litter box, food, and even toys - it was a lot of stuff!


Krystle told us that they had been dropped off at the shelter and needed to go to a home where they could get some focused attention and the kittens could be socialized with people. The kittens were the cutest little fur balls ever but momma and the smallest kitten needed a little extra TLC. 

cat 1

After setting up their very large kennel and the boxes for the kitty playground, we all fell into a routine of feeding, cleaning the litter box, and supervising playtime.  It took about a week for the smallest kitten to have enough energy to play with his litter mates and another week or so for the momma to start putting on some weight.  When it was time for 'recess' - it took all hands on deck to watch them.  They would chase each other, run and slide into the kitchen, run under the sofas, behind the sofas, over the cable box, over the Xbox, climb into the blanket basket and then top it all off with some wrestling.  They were so cute that I even worked them into a class project!

cat 2

The shelter arranges for the spay and neuter of animals that will be adopted and before we knew it our new 'roommates' were soon scheduled.  A local veterinarian did the procedures and we picked them up at the end of the day.  All four kittens were with us for one last day and then it was time to let them go and find their 'furever' homes.  We were definitely sad to see them go but we knew the team at the shelter would find good homes for them.

cat 4

The momma cat stayed with us for another two weeks until her spay was scheduled. She then went back to the shelter and was adopted.  I am happy to report that the four kittens and the mama cat have all been adopted and are living the good life.

You're probably wondering how did we ever let those cute kittens and that loving momma cat go - Well, it wasn't easy but we all knew that having five cats as our new roomies was not something we could do.  Fostering on a short-term basis was the perfect fit for us all.  If you would like to volunteer or become a Foster Family with the Brazos Animal Shelter, please visit www. for more information.

cat 3