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Home for the Holidays

Hello again everyone! So I'm putting it out there, I love my pets. I have two 16 year old cats, and they make me so happy! But like any pet owner, sometimes we have those experiences that make having pets more stressful than fun. One of those experiences happened to me over Christmas break. I'm from California, so for me, visiting my family involves getting on a three hour plane ride. With my cats. I had to bring them because one of them needs twice daily blood pressure medication, and I would have felt bad if I had left the other one with a pet sitter for a month.  But I figured it would be no big deal! You always see the people on the planes with the little dogs in carriers, looking so nice and peaceful. Little did I know how complicated flying with pets can be!

Since mine are 16 years old, they're pretty set in their ways. Going into an airport and flying in an airplane for seven hours is not exactly their idea of fun. Secondly, because of some of the health issues they have, the doctor said they couldn't be sedated, so they were none too pleased to have to spend so much quality time together. And most stressful of all, they don't tell you when you fly that you have to actually take your pets out of their carriers and carry them in your arms through security! I got so many weird looks...I probably would have looked at me carrying two squiggly. growly, hissy cats through a giant airport security check. Now I understand a little bit about what parents go through with screaming children in airports. It's a little embarrassing when your cat tries to bite a TSA officer...

But hours later, I finally made it home! And after the cats had a little time to get out of the carrier and hang out, they were back to their normal, happy, purry selves. It took me a little longer to get settled in though, but once I did, I was so happy to be home. Nothing beats being with family (including your pets!) over the holidays!