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Happy New Year

So it's finally 2012, and with it brings a brand new semester! Fall is over, and with it, all of our fall semester classes. A new semester is always exciting, whether its getting to see all of your friends again, to the excitement of starting a new class. It's a little nerdy, I know, getting so excited to start new classes, but there's something great about starting fresh. Plus a lot of our classes seem like they are going to be really interesting this semester. We are in Surgery/Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, Infectious Diseases, Pathology, Public Health, and Radiology right now. It's a little daunting at the beginning, with a lot of new professors to learn from and a lot of new material. But I'm excited to get started!

In addition, Spring semester brings so many fun events to look forward to! We have Open House in a few months, which is basically the vet school completely opening to the public with all kinds of fun displays and tours. We want people to see and experience what we get to do all year! We also have parents weekend, where all of our families and friends can come listen to lectures, take tours, and get a snapshot of our lives as veterinary students. But the most exciting event in my mind is our White Coat Ceremony. It's an event where second year students get our white coats! We've worked so hard these past semesters, and I can't wait! So even though it's kind of sad that Thanksgiving and Christmas are already over, we have so much to look forward to in Spring!