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Many Biomedical Science majors, including myself, aspire to attend graduate school. Some students want to become doctors, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, or veterinarians (like I do!). Many grad schools require a minimum number of hours shadowing in your field of interest, although to stand out as an applicant many students far exceed the minimum. As a veterinary school hopeful, for me that meant spending time over winter break shadowing at the Kendall County Equine Clinic in Boerne, TX with Dr. Travis Nichols.

I have spent time shadowing in clinics since my junior year in high school. My parents strongly encouraged me to explore the field of veterinary medicine to make sure this was what I truly wanted to do. I love being at the clinic because I never know what will walk through the door - every day is different and is an opportunity to learn something new. I have been so fortunate to shadow with Dr. Nichols - he has an easygoing personality that puts everyone around him at ease and he loves to teach. One thing that he has emphasized to me is that the medicine part of being a vet becomes easy; managing a practice and its employees, handling client expectations and human emotions on the other hand can be difficult at times. Through his example, Dr. Nichols has taught me how to treat everyone with sincerity, respect, and compassion.

I would challenge any students shadowing in their perspective field to look past the medicine and consider how their mentor interacts with his/her peers, employees, clients and/or patients. These relationships define us and make the difference between being merely good to becoming great.

I want to thank Dr. Nichols and all the amazing staff at the Kendall County Equine Clinic for being so patient with me and never tiring of my endless questions.