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The Busy Life

Well, it is hard to believe that the spring semester of my second year is nearly half way over.  In two weeks we will be at the halfway point of the semester, and it has been a whirlwind of a semester!  Life seems to get progressively busier as we continue down this road to our DVM.  There is always something going on, a test coming up, a club activity, or a meeting to attend.  It is hard to believe that I in two short months I will have completed half of my vet school curriculum.  Second years will be sorting through and signing up for electives very soon, a daunting task for most of us!  However, it is an exciting step to be taking; a step towards an education personalized to each individual interest.  This semester has been filled with fun activities, like TVMA convention, club activities and as always interesting classes.  Sometimes it is hard to keep focused on how lucky we are to be able to listen to our lectures; we forget that many people were not lucky enough to be in our seat.  It can be hard to sit in lectures every day, no matter how interesting the subject. We all get tired of listening instead of doing.  I just try and remember that this is how I accomplish my dream, I fought for this spot, and the information being presented is facts that I need to know BEFORE I can work with patients.  I hope to rejuvenate my dream and remember that I will be learning every day for the rest of my life; in fact that is what I love about this profession, the dynamic aspect and the large amount of knowledge and challenges.  So, as I sit in class for the remainder of this semester and next year, I hope to remember that this knowledge will benefit me and my future patients, and it is full of interesting courses that are fun to learn!  I hope that all of you reading this, whether you are vet students, future vet students, veterinarians, or a member of the public, remember that we are creatures driven by curiosity and the need to learn, and the busier you are, the more you should be learning!  Embrace the knowledge that you are offered, in whatever walk of life you are in, and have a great week!