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A Month for Thankfulness

Well, it is that time of year again, the time of year when it becomes so very easy to forget that we've got it good.  The time of year when we forget that we wanted this, chose this, and even fought for this.  Finals are approaching.  Professors are preparing for the end of the semester, projects are due, and the last round of tests before finals is upon us.  This is when many vet students, myself included, forget that we are lucky!  We are joining the greatest profession in the world, and we are learning from some of the greatest clinicians in the business!  This is the time of year when we should be excited by how much knowledge we have gained over the semester, not terrified by the amount on the final.  We should be thrilled that we are one semester closer to being called "Doctor," not thinking we are one semester closer to insanity!  We begged for this, clawed and kicked to get here, and now we are!  I know that since my classmates and I are three years in, it is easy to forget the excitement we felt when we got that acceptance letter, but every single one of us was jumping out of our skin! I challenge every single one of you out there to remember that feeling!  For you students that are working towards vet school, or any other goal you are trying to achieve, remember how far you have come! Never forget what you have worked for, and never ever forget to be thankful for all that you have come through and learned.  Every single person out there has faced struggles, overcome hurdles, and fought to be where they are now; so don't forget those struggles and fights when you think you want to give up now, rather remember all you have overcome!  These battles ahead of us, they are just small challenges that will put us that much closer to the ultimate goal, these obstacles are something to be thankful for!  I know, that sounds like the insanity talking, but if you think about it, without obstacles we would never appreciate anything we accomplish.  Without challenges what would we learn? Nothing, that's what, we wouldn't have anything to fight for because there would be nothing opposing us, and that takes away your opportunity to reach towards your goals.  So, my challenge to you this month, is to be thankful for the projects, exams, papers or whatever adversity you are facing.  Go towards them with a passion and fire for your dreams, and they will be nothing!  If you always remember how you felt when you started on that path to your dream, then you will never get distracted by those little challenges between you and the top of that mountain.  Happy End of the Semester, my friends, now go forth and conquer your dreams.