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A Rodeo on Break

Well, Spring Break is over, and it was a wonderful break from the lectures and work of school.  It has been a wonderful break, the weather is starting to warm up and the sun is shining!  It is good to be able to relax at home, and spend time with the family.  Life as a vet student is different from any other type of student.  Even when we are on break, most vet students will spend some time working with animals, whether we volunteer our time somewhere or pick up a few shifts at our home vet clinics.  We always appreciate getting some more experience with our veterinarian mentors, especially for me this year; our classes in 2nd year are very lecture oriented.  It was such a blessing to be home for a few days and work with real clients and patients, it was a reminder that veterinary medicine is my passion, and I love what I do!  Many of the vet students all had very different activities planned for spring break, some people were traveling, some working, some had activities planned, some just planned on sleeping and relaxing.  The first weekend of Spring Break, I went to the Houston Rodeo.  This is one of my favorite pastimes; the animal athletes of the rodeo are what inspired me when I was a kid to pursue veterinary medicine.  So many people only go to the rodeo for the concert at the end, but for me the appeal is in the athletic ability of the horses, steers, calves, and of course the bulls.  The rodeo is also a culture all its own, a mix of old west and hard-working country.  Those cowboys and cowgirls of the rodeo care about those animals more than anything, and that has always kept me coming back.  I have always had extreme respect for the rodeo clowns as well; most people don't realize exactly how dangerous their job really is.  Without those clowns many cowboys would have serious injuries or even have died.  Every little country child will tell you their hero is a cowboy, but every cowboy will tell you his hero is the rodeo clown.  It was amazing to watch the rodeo and see the clowns jump between the cowboy that was thrown and the bull. They risk their lives to get those young men out of their alive.  I always love going to the rodeo, it reminds me of why I love my career, and why I chose to go to vet school.  This break has been a much needed escape from the monotony of lectures, and now I feel refreshed and ready to get back to the grind!  I am ready to go and learn everything that will help me be a great veterinarian, because that is what I have always dreamed of, and I have the animal athletes and cowboys of the rodeo to thank for reminding me of that. J

I hope everyone out there has had a great Spring Break, and remember to be thankful for everything, because whatever you are doing now was once a dream you had!