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A Weekend of Leadership and Learning

Howdy everyone!  I hope that the new school year has been stimulating thus far.  I know there are many changes happening this year, not just in our lives as growing students but in the university as a whole.  We made our debut in the SEC with an impressively fought first game, and a win this past weekend against SMU.  The Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences has been working really hard to make this year a good one for us students, and I must say that this semester has been astounding thus far.  This past weekend, I participated in the college of veterinary medicine Texas A&M Aggie Leadership Event.  This event was put on by our administration, with the help of Dr. Rick Debowes from WSU, and it was an opportunity for students and faculty alike to grow in leadership and teamwork.  The weekend consisted of many interesting and stimulating talks from Dr. Debowes and many group team-building activities.  We learned during the weekend that the number one thing holding us back from our full potential was, well, us, and if we would be positive and open-minded there was no telling what we might achieve.  Dr. Debowes emphasized the fact it is up to us to "choose happy" in our daily lives, it is not up to anyone else.  One of the activities of the weekend involved splitting up according to our Meyer's Brigg's personality profiles, and talking about the differences between the different traits.  I thought that this was an excellent exercise because we were able to learn about the differences in personality and how people with two different types can work together without getting frustrated and suffering many misunderstandings.  This leadership experience has been very beneficial to me, and I hope to incorporate many of the teachings of the weekend into my daily life.  I urge everyone out there to try and better yourself every day.  Perhaps that means starting with listening to understand first, and to Choose to be Happy.  I am grateful to the TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine for giving us the opportunity to grow in our professionalism and leadership.  I hope that everyone has a great year and that you all Choose Happy!

Talk to you next time!