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An Adoption Story

This past month has been so exciting for me! Junior surgery has been my favorite third-year class all semester-but lately it's gotten even better. We recently graduated from goat and rabbit surgeries to cat and dog spays. Whoop! We are divided into groups of three for the semester and rotate though being the surgeon, assistant surgeon, and anesthetist for the procedures. This past month, every Friday afternoon cats and dogs from local animal shelters were transported to the vet school. The student scheduled to be surgeon that week took care of their assigned animal every morning and night.

I was the assistant surgeon for our first shelter dog. Though we were nervous and the surgery took a little longer than what an experienced vet could do, everything went well, and our new spayed friend could go back into the world to be adopted. Several of my classmates got so attached to their surgery dogs that they ended up taking them home themselves. I was a little nervous when my week to be the surgeon came around because I already knew I didn't have room for another dog at my house. The Friday that I was supposed to meet my shelter animal came, but unfortunately there was a bomb threat and the campus was shut down. One of my very best friends that had been my roommate at OU came to stay with me that night, and since my car was in the shop she had to take me to the school on Saturday morning to meet my animal. My friend had just graduated from physical therapy school and was starting her first job in a new city. She had always wanted her own dog, but due to the expense and her small yard, she had decided to wait until next year to start looking. We got to the ward where the animals were staying and found our group's dog-she was so adorable! She's a white hound mix puppy with one brown ear. She was happy but very polite and couldn't wait to greet everyone we passed. My friend immediately fell in love! She talked about the puppy all weekend and eventually decided adopt her the following Saturday. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly! I could get as attached as I wanted even though I couldn't adopt her myself.

Now I just had to make sure the surgery went perfectly. Monday came along, and I went to check on the little hound. She was coughing, and not just every now and then, continuously! I called our supervising surgeon who told me it would be okay to proceed after we gave her some cough medicine to make her feel better. Fortunately, she quieted down and everything went as planned. She recovered nicely and was able to go back to the shelter without any difficulties. My friend came to the shelter on Saturday to pick her up take her to her new home where she's been spoiled with attention. I got so lucky that my first surgery dog found a home! Now I get to visit whenever I want.