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Downhill from Here

We have hit the half point in the semester for undergraduates and now it is time to stop and take a breath. For many, midterms and the second round of tests finished up last week and now we have a little bit more spare time on our hands. What do we do with it? My advice to you is to get out of the library and coffee shops and do what makes you happy. Whether is just hitting up the rec for some cardio or volleyball, catching up with friends playing 42 at the Dixie Chicken, or going to the football game to watch us BTHO of LSU this weekend. This is the time before next test round to relax and recharge which is very important so you do not burn yourself out by the end of the semester.

Along with relaxing, I also want to say remember to stay involved within your organizations. I know every semester we are excited and eager to join organizations so we participate in more activities in the beginning of the semester. As tests approach and we are studying and cramming our participation in activities begins to slump. I have been guilty of this for many of my semesters here, but I have found that this is the time to get back involved. There are a multitude of service opportunities that take place during the month of October and November. This is the time when many 5k races are put on to benefit breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, or the animal shelter and November starts the holiday food drives. Remember as undergrads we are building a resume for professional school that shows long term commitment to any organization.

Finally, to freshmen and sophomores coming into biomedical sciences, I like to say continue to be diligent with your studies and remember to still go to class. You guys are taking physics, organic chemistry, and biology and more. These classes are tough but stay with it, and if the first half did not go as well as you wanted there is still time to improve by changing up your studying habits. Utilize the BIMS office with past tests to help get a format of the material that will be covered or get outside tutoring through supplemental instructors or from APLUS tutoring. These resources were tremendously helpful for me. Keep up the good work!