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Get Involved!

I had the privilege this summer of traveling to many Fish Camp and T-Camp sessions to talk about the importance of involvement. Here at Texas A&M University you have many opportunities to get involved. You can participate in student organizations, Aggie traditions, community service, or even student employment. Your college career is defined by your experiences, connections, and personal growth - getting involved can help you make the most of this time.

Having high impact experiences make your time spent in college unique. Dive into those opportunities outside of class - you never know what you might learn or be able to do. Making connections with peers, professors, and other professionals can help you to accomplish your goals of grad school or a great job after college. The Aggie Network is a huge group of people who want to help you succeed, so take advantage of it! I have personally developed through my involvement with Parents' Weekend, a committee within the Student Government whose mission is to serve the students as well as the families of Texas A&M by providing a weekend of appreciation. Through this organization I learned how to balance a budget, approach business owners with sponsorship requests, and maintain working relationships with people who I didn't necessarily 'like'. These are all skills that will be useful in my future career.

Your experiences, connections, and growth are what make this time in your life special and getting involved helps you take advantage of these opportunities.