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Importance of Social Media

I'm a bit of a technological dinosaur.  I feel like I'm one of the five people in the world who still use a flip phone and probably the only person who has managed to avoid having Facebook put a timeline on my profile (You're in good company if that doesn't make sense).  I still sit at a computer to check my emails and I do not know how to play Angry Birds.  The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

Well after careful thought, I will no longer drag my feet into this techie generation.  Tonight I was encouraged by a seminar at the vet school presented by the media savvy experts at Veterinary News Network.  The seminar took students through the ever expanding importance of social media in our lives and profession.  Some shocking statistics of our evolving means of communications and technology were presented to us.  For example, there are about one million books published every year, but Americans now have access to around one trillion web pages.  There is truly a new way people learn information and communicate with one another.  It appears that I can either embrace this new media fully or get out of the way because it is not going to slow down. 

It became clear to me that while this new age of LinkedIn and Twitter are very different than the hand written notes decades before, they are not necessarily a bad thing.  Gone are the days of one sided news reports that are now replaced with a more conversational exchange of information.

The veterinary profession proudly acts as the voice for animals and we must evolve in a way that their voice is still clearly heard in the context of new media.  I am motivated to share ideas and help educate people on the best care for animals and listen to the discussions that are already taking place.  Tonight I can proudly say that I created a Gmail account and have an ambitious list of other media outlets to join within the coming weeks.  Excuse the pun, but I guess you can teach an old dog (or 3rd year veterinary student) new tricks.