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Kaiser: The New Puppy

After months and months of resistance, I finally gave in to my wife's request to adopt a new dog. Following countless hours of discussion on what breed and size we'd look for, we finally agreed on an older, small breed dog with a low energy level. We knew from the very beginning we would adopt our new dog from a shelter or rescue organization, so that's where our search began.

We spent many, many evenings looking at numerous dogs on and local rescue websites. Although we came across a lot of dogs with great potential, we figured it would be best to meet the dog in person before adopting. That's when we started visiting the Brazos Animal Shelter. On our second visit, we immediately noticed a puppy that had been found roaming the streets that morning. He had a few fleas, an ear infection, and needed a good bath, but for the most part he was in great shape! Even though we originally agreed on adopting an older dog with low energy, my wife was hooked on this puppy. Honestly, I couldn't blame her: this little dude was cute.

We decided to take the puppy out of his kennel and get to know his personality. He was more than eager to stretch his legs and started investigating every corner of the room. After a few laps, he came over for belly rubs and head scratches. Since I knew I'd be his vet in a little over a year, it was important he sat still for his physical exam. He passed with flying colors! Surprisingly, he didn't even squirm when I examined his mouth and infected ears; hands down, he was one of the best puppies I've ever examined. While my wife and I were discussing all of the commitments that come along with a new puppy, he sat patiently in her lap. I think he knew he was under review. We agreed we would sleep on the decision before proceeding with the adoption. Sad to see us go, the puppy sat quietly as we walked away from his kennel.

After covering each and every new responsibility many times over, we decided to proceed with the adoption. We made our way back to Brazos Animal Shelter and submitted an application. After the shelter reviewed our information, we received a phone call letting us know we were approved!  If we still wanted the puppy, it was ours. My wife and I asked each other, "are we absolutely sure we're prepared for this?" We agreed we were ready. A few days later, Kaiser left the shelter and came home with us!

 Adopting a new puppy is a very, very big decision. From frequent vet visits to continuous training, most pups require a lot of time, money, and patience. We are happy to report Kaiser is doing a phenomenal job at home, and we are so lucky to have him! For reliable information on puppy ownership and basic training techniques, visit!