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Only 730 days to go….

I woke up Thursday morning, put on a pot of coffee, and grabbed Shorty (our miniature Australian Shepherd) and his leash and headed for the door.  The sun hadn't even started to come up yet as we walked around the apartment complex as Shorty hunted for squirrels and a place to do his business.  I was contemplating the day ahead as I was shaking the sleep cobwebs from my head.  I was up and out at this extra early hour because I needed to do some more last minute studying for my last final of my MBA curriculum, investments.  Also on the docket for the day was the DVM Graduation ceremony that afternoon.  Since  the graduating class were only a year ahead of me for the first half of vet school (that is until I left vet school for my 1 year MBA program), I had several good friends and knew practically everyone in the Class of 2012.  Suddenly, I realized that I "only" had 2 years until graduation, 730 days.  Wow, that seems so far off.

For those of you that read these blogs with some regularity, you already know that I have spent the past year across the street in the business school.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the MBA program.  The program opened my eyes to the business world, gave me a chance to use another part of my brain, and I got do all of this while being around some great people.  Just like vet school, I made some awesome friends that made all of the work and stress worthwhile.  Everything wasn't roses though.  For one, I had to leave my vet school class, the folks who were with me in the trenches of first and second year, the people who saw me at my best and worst for two years.  Some of the best friends I have or could ever hope to have.  Now, they are all fourth year students under a year from graduation, and here I am, 730 days to go……

My first thought is that I don't want to share this revelation with Lauren, my lovely wife.  Our 700 square foot apartment is starting to feel small after 3 years, and I added a whole year on to school because of the MBA program. She has been completely, 100% supportive and committed, but I know that she, like me, is ready to be finished.  730 days just seems so far off.

As the day went on, I took my investments test (any body care to know who the father of behavioral finance is?) and walked out of an MBA classroom for the last time.  I went about the rest of my day and finally made it to the graduation ceremony.  I found several of my friends after the ceremony and took great pleasure in calling them Doctor.  The look on their faces at the sound of the word is pure joy.  You just can't beat it.  As we caught up, I told a couple of them about my thoughts concerning 730 days, and to a person, they all said, "trust me, it goes fast."  Part of me knows they are right, but a part of me is still thinking, 730 days is a long time.  They all lamented that it would pass quickly, then one said something that really struck home, "at least it isn't 731 days."

I have spoken several times in my blogs that vet school is a grind, a marathon at a sprint pace.  The key is to take it one day, one assignment, one class at a time.  Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the totality of the workload.  You can't eat the whole meal in one bite, you must work at it piece by little piece.  I had forgotten my own advice, and my friend reminded me that all journeys, no matter how long, start with a single step.  The key is to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Some of those steps are big, and some are small, but as long as you keep moving forward, you will cross the finish line.  With my rediscovered perspective, I will continue to enjoy my time and the simplicity of school.  I look forward to joining the Class of 2014 in the fall, and I know, just like my time in the Class of 2013 and in the MBA, I will build some fantastic friendships and have some amazing experiences.  For now, I am just thankful that it isn't 731 days.