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The End of Finals

Howdy Aggies,

The end of the semester has finally come and that means finals. Late nights reviewing with your note cards, lecture slides, and the best of what Starbucks has to offer. Finals time is very stressful but just remember Christmas break starts soon.

A tip for the next few days of near all nighters is sleep. I have done my fair share of all nighters but let me tell you they do not work.  I felt terrible and any type of caffeine booster does not really help the stomach after that much time awake. If you know you are going to pull an all-nighter I would suggest 30 minutes to an hour nap at the most once you feel yourself closing your eyes frequently. For the freshmen if you have not found your spot to crash on campus I would like to suggest the 3rd floor of Evans or the back side of the MSC is quiet and has great couches to catch some sleep. Remember to do your best, your mind needs time to relax and recharge so forget the AMP or Red Bull and it is okay to just sleep.

Also to undergraduates in BIMS or anybody moving forward to professional school I want to suggest using this holiday time to get shadowing or community service hours for your resume. I did not take advantage of this chance during my freshman and sophomore years, but now I will be going to Honduras for the Global Medical Brigade. I am excited and ready to provide medical care and leave the country for the first time. Remember for those looking to go to any professional school, the admission board is looking for dedication and experience in the field you want to do. So set a little time get some experience during the break and I assure you it will pay off when you apply.

It has been a great semester and I hope everybody enjoys the holiday break.

Happy Holidays!