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Vet School Open House Weekend

This past weekend was one of the highlight weekends for the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine.  On Saturday, April 14, we opened our doors to the public, that they may get a small glimpse into the world of veterinary medicine and all of its wonder.  We had children surgically repairing their beloved "pets" in teddy bear surgery, teenagers learning what the inside of a cow's stomach (the rumen) feels like, and many other opportunities to learn about different aspects of veterinary medicine and biomedical science.  There were also opportunities for people to learn about Alpaca wool weaving, canine agility, falconry, animal breeds, and of course there were opportunities to take pictures with the famous Ms. Reveille.  Open House is always a time for us vet students to really shine. We plan for it all year, and on that day we get the chance to show the public what we do. For one day we can instill in the general population the passion that we have for veterinary medicine.  It is a long road, and a hard day for the students who put in many long hours, but every single one of them will tell you it is one of the most rewarding things in the world because you see right in front of you the wonder of a kid who is amazed at what you know.  There is nothing quite like having that little surgeon help you clean up a wound of an injured teddy bear. Their amazement and gratitude as you suture him closed and save him is astounding, and always a highlight, for both the child and the vet student.  It is very rewarding as a student to overhear people talking as they visit different aspects of Open House, and they discuss the highlights of their day.  As students we often are so focused on ourselves and our education, that we forget that we can make a difference to people. We are role models and leaders of the community.  It is sometimes hard to remember that we have such a huge impact on those around us, and every year I am grateful for this little reminder, a small push to be a better example, and a leader that this school can be proud of.