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Wiener Fest 2012

This Saturday, October 27th is a day many of us have been waiting for - Wiener Fest! This special event is the largest annual fundraiser benefiting the Aggieland Humane Society, formerly the Brazos Animal Shelter.  The money raised will directly support animals in our community and help build a new shelter. Wiener Fest will be held at Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater. It is a family-friendly day of food, music, fun and more importantly, the races.

The highlight of the day is the Wiener Races. Tenacious dachshunds load into boxes and race to the finish line where their owners are excitedly calling them. The top two dogs in each heat will continue to the next round of races. There will be a Female, Male, Senior and Handicap winner. There is still time to sign up for the races - you can register the day of the race from 8 am - 10:45 am. You need to bring a copy of your dog's Rabies certificate in order to register. And don't worry - if you don't own a dachshund you can be in the Wanna-Be-A-Wiener Races. There is an under 40 lbs category and an over 40 lbs category in order to even the playing field. All dogs are welcome to participate in the Wanna-Be Races! This will be the third Wiener Fest that I attend, and I am still undecided on who is more fun to watch - the dogs racing or the crazy owners jumping up and down trying to get their dog's attention. Some dogs are hyper focused and will run straight to the finish line while others might decide it is more fun to socialize with the dog next to them.

For those dogs that might not be the most athletic, the costume contest is for them! There are different categories including 'Look-a-like' for the owner and their pet and 'Most Creative'. For the athletic humans, there is a 5K Walk/Run that morning starting at 7:30 am. There will also be different vendors including the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

My dog, Harley, will be racing in the Wanna-Be Races. Hopefully Harley will pay attention to me and not all the other distractions. Regardless of how he does I know we will have fun doing something new together. Wiener Fest is something that you can bring your family, friends and furry ones to and have a great time!

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