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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Vet School BBQ, Cattle Handling Seminar, and an Aggie Win

Vet School BBQ, Cattle Handling Seminar, and an Aggie Win Pumpkin cheesecake.  Gingerbread cookies.  Cinnamon and pine.  Deck the halls.  Gobble 'till you wobble.  And, most importantly, being thankful.  This is my absolute favorite time of year, and, thankfully, I have some time to enjoy it! The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy.  I still am in shock that it's November, what with the plethora of tests from Pharmacology, Parasitology, and Pathology, and a BP Cattle Handling Seminar, the Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (SCACVIM), Small Animal skills lab, and Vet School BBQ in between (and all in the same day)!  Our Pharmacology and Parasitology tests were on Halloween week, and Pathology was the following week.  Although the Saturday in between was a day of non-stop activity that started by waking up at 6:50 a.m. and ending around 12:30 a.m., it was a nice break from the stress and anxiety that comes with stu... (Read More)

A Month for Thankfulness

A Month for Thankfulness Well, it is that time of year again, the time of year when it becomes so very easy to forget that we've got it good.  The time of year when we forget that we wanted this, chose this, and even fought for this.  Finals are approaching.  Professors are preparing for the end of the semester, projects are due, and the last round of tests before finals is upon us.  This is when many vet students, myself included, forget that we are lucky!  We are joining the greatest profession in the world, and we are learning from some of the greatest clinicians in the business!  This is the time of year when we should be excited by how much knowledge we have gained over the semester, not terrified by the amount on the final.  We should be thrilled that we are one semester closer to being called "Doctor," not thinking we are one semester closer to insanity!  We begged for this, clawed and kicked to get here, and now we are! ... (Read More)

Take Time for Yourself

Take Time for Yourself Last Friday was just not my day.  Several things went wrong unexpectedly and after a long week, this was the last straw.  By the time I finally made it home, it was cold and dreary.  I've been in Texas too long, so anything less than 60 F is freezing to me!  I came up with tons of excuses why I should just plop on the couch and zone out in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.  However, my running shoes were already by the door where I had left them that morning.  I had a feeling it would be a long day and very easy to skip my evening run, so I had left the shoes in plain sight.  I grudgingly bundled up, threw the shoes on, and took off.  After I found my stride and warmed up, the miles flew by and the stress of the day suddenly became more manageable.  My head cleared and I started to figure out ways to get around these very minor setbacks that seemed so huge about an hour ago.  Often I get... (Read More)

Fall Means Paws to the Pavement and the End of the Semester Approaching

Fall Means Paws to the Pavement and the End of the Semester Approaching I hope you all are enjoying this nice cool weather! I know I definitely enjoyed it this past weekend while I was at Wiener Fest. I had so much fun watching the races and seeing all of the dogs dressed in their Halloween costumes. I also had the pleasure of volunteering to represent the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences at the booth that they had there. My job was to educate the public about our upcoming event, Paws to the Pavement. For those of you who don't know what that is, let me tell you. Paws to the Pavement is a 3k/5k pet walk/run in which all of the proceeds from the event goes to helping the College of Veterinary Medicine's Diagnostic Imaging and Cancer Treatment Center. This year will be our second annual Paws to the Pavement event and it will be held on November 10th at 9 a.m. The walk/run will begin and end in the Diagnostic Imaging and Cancer Treatment Center parking lot (Lot 75). Participants may also dress ... (Read More)

A Girl and Her Dog

A Girl and Her Dog February 23, 2010 started off as a very normal day.  I was at the Town Lake Animal Center in Austin, volunteering for Austin Pets Alive, an incredible rescue organization that finds homes for dogs at risk of euthanasia.  While walking the aisles lined by kennels, peering in to see the sad faces of the dogs that ended up there, I came across kennel 127 where a scruffy, brown dog wearing a red bandana stood staring at me.  His information sheet said that he was an 8 month old wire haired fox terrier mix that came to the shelter as a stray.  I couldn't pass him by, so I leaned down to say hello, totally unaware of the fact that this little dog would soon be a huge part of my life. I happened to finish my tasks for the rescue organization early, so I decided to take number 127 out to play.  From that moment on, there was no going back.  Number 127, who later became known as Oliver, had captured my heart.  I returned ... (Read More)

Wiener Fest 2012

Wiener Fest 2012 This Saturday, October 27th is a day many of us have been waiting for - Wiener Fest! This special event is the largest annual fundraiser benefiting the Aggieland Humane Society, formerly the Brazos Animal Shelter.  The money raised will directly support animals in our community and help build a new shelter. Wiener Fest will be held at Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater. It is a family-friendly day of food, music, fun and more importantly, the races. The highlight of the day is the Wiener Races. Tenacious dachshunds load into boxes and race to the finish line where their owners are excitedly calling them. The top two dogs in each heat will continue to the next round of races. There will be a Female, Male, Senior and Handicap winner. There is still time to sign up for the races - you can register the day of the race from 8 am - 10:45 am. You need to bring a copy of your dog's Rabies certificate in order to register. And don't worry - if you don't o... (Read More)

Right around the Corner

Right around the Corner With this semester well underway and more than half over, I find myself excited yet slightly nervous and uncertain about the future. So far, third-year has been quite demanding. In retrospect, first-year pales in comparison in regards to the amount of stress, studying, and time constraints that seems to be a cornerstone of third-year. Don't get me wrong, though. First-year was tough. Studying bones, muscles, physiological processes, and hundreds of microorganisms kept me quite busy.However, for me, the most difficult part of first-year was adjusting to the heavy course load and copious amounts of information and ultimately being able to develop effective study habits and a workable schedule. In contrast, third-year is much more involved. If I'm not in class from eight to five or studying for weekly exams, I'm either performing a four to five hour surgery, working on different projects for my elective courses, collaborating on clinical case write-... (Read More)

Downhill from Here

Downhill from Here We have hit the half point in the semester for undergraduates and now it is time to stop and take a breath. For many, midterms and the second round of tests finished up last week and now we have a little bit more spare time on our hands. What do we do with it? My advice to you is to get out of the library and coffee shops and do what makes you happy. Whether is just hitting up the rec for some cardio or volleyball, catching up with friends playing 42 at the Dixie Chicken, or going to the football game to watch us BTHO of LSU this weekend. This is the time before next test round to relax and recharge which is very important so you do not burn yourself out by the end of the semester. Along with relaxing, I also want to say remember to stay involved within your organizations. I know every semester we are excited and eager to join organizations so we participate in more activities in the beginning of the semester. As tests approach and we are study... (Read More)

Some health issues shouldn’t be delayed

Some health issues shouldn’t be delayed Recently, I took Phoebe, my nine-year-old Boxer, to the vet.  Like with most elderly dogs her teeth and gums were a problem.  Like many other people, I had been postponing the inevitable dental procedures until a better time would arise.  However, this past week I could no longer postpone the care. While refilling her water bowl, I noticed blood in the water.  I also noticed drops of blood on the floor near the food bowl.  I looked inside her mouth and saw several growths that were beginning to cover her teeth. Apparently, she had bitten one of these growths. At that point I knew that I had to take Phoebe to the veterinarian. I took her to her local vet the following morning and he diagnosed her as having Gingival Hyperplasia, which is an overgrowth of the gum tissue. The only treatment for this condition is surgical removal of the growths. I asked the doctor if he could also perform the dental cleaning after removing the ... (Read More)

There is something special in that Poo!

There is something special in that Poo! Well, we are back into the swing of things here at school. Each day we move further away from free time, pool days, and summer tans; to staying up late, hitting the books, sitting for hours, and stressing about tests. It has been rather surprising how quickly it's come and how quickly this year is going. We are already halfway through midterms and two months away from finals. Due to increased caffeine consumption and a lack of sleep, I've been in a vet school daze. My experience this weekend helped shake me from my stupor and remind me why I chose this struggle - why I wanted to be in veterinary medicine. All of my prior veterinary work experience has been in small animal medicine. I love small animal practice, but I knew when I got into veterinary school that I wanted to acquire experience in large and food animal medicine. So this year I am signed up for Bovine Practitioners club (BP). BP holds palpation exams once a month, and I was excited ... (Read More)