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A New Beginning

Well, here it is, the evening of May 5, 2013 and the class of 2014 has reached the end of classroom work and is about to enter the world of clinics.  Tomorrow morning at 8am a brand new set of 4th years will begin to care for patients, talk to clients, and take the last step to become great doctors.  This is the last that you readers will be hearing from me, as I am entering that new world with the rest of my classmates, and I will no longer be blogging and giving tours of the College.  It has been a fantastic two years of sharing my passion for veterinary medicine, and I thank all of you out there for your tolerance of my rants, and for your support for all of us students.  There have been so many adventures, highs and lows in the last three years, and it is my classmates who have always been there pulling me through.  2014 is a stellar class, a family in its own right.  We have finally made it, and I know our bonds will only grow stronger as we traverse this crazy year of rotations together.  I look forward to every minute.  I am excited and honored to serve the patients of this hospital alongside my classmates.  This has been one wild ride, and we are about to get on the last train, the home stretch.  2014ers, thank you for a great three years; I look forward to all of the adventures that we will share for the rest of our lives.  I am so thankful to be a part of this class, and I think that some amazing veterinarians are on their way.

So watch out clinics-the class of 2014 HAS ARRIVED!!!!