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Another Semester Gone By

It is hard to believe that another semester has flown by, and I am preparing to take my final exams. It is even harder to believe that in January, I will begin my last semester of classes before starting clinical rotations in May.  I remember so clearly spending time in the anatomy lab first semester of my first year, wishing I was closer to the end so I could actually work on live animals.

This semester has been a great transition from classroom time to more hands-on activities. For the first two years of vet school, we learn an incredible amount of material, but it is really in the third and fourth years that we can begin to apply it.  This year, Large Animal Medicine and Small Animal Medicine have been two of the primary courses.  In these classes, we learn how to apply our knowledge in a clinical setting to diagnose and treat patients.  While some of what we learn has already been taught, the material is presented in a practical, case-based way, allowing us to think about diseases and medicine in a more applicable sense.

One of my favorite classes was Junior Surgery, where we learned a variety of surgical procedures, and I completed my first spay. I feel very lucky to be at a school that is so supportive of students doing multiple procedures and improving our surgical skills during our third and fourth years.  Finally, the numerous electives I took have been a great supplement to the core curriculum and have expanded my knowledge of many subjects, from non-human primates to emergency medicine to cardiology.

While this was a fantastic semester filled with learning and growth, I am very much looking forward to the break.  After all of my childhood years, four years of college, and now three years of vet school, this will be my very last month-long Christmas break.  As a result, I plan to take full advantage of it! Besides spending time with friends and family, I will attend a conference, go snowboarding for the first time in Colorado, shadow a veterinarian, personally spay my own kitten, and go fishing on the coast. At some point in there, I hope to catch up on sleep, read a couple good books, and lounge around on the couch, although I'm not good at doing that for very long.  I am anticipating an incredible break, and I am hoping the next two weeks fly by! For now, I will get back to learning about equine lameness, small animal orthopedics, and thoracic radiology.  I hope everyone has a wonderful break, and a safe and happy holiday season!

Also, for those of you who read my previous post about Zac, I am happy to report that he is in remission for T-cell lymphoma, and there appears to be no evidence of metastasis. Thank you all for your happy thoughts! :)