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Mental sanity

I'm writing this blog while relaxing with about 40 other vet students after a brutal week of finals. Finals is the time of year when everything you looked at and said "I don't need to learn that" comes back at you full force. As a vet student, there are more than just animals that can bite you. The term cumulative sends chills up your spine. Finals are one of the most challenging aspects of veterinary school. Life was bliss in undergrad when you just needed to make a grade in the course and get through it. With veterinary school it is important to remember what you've learned in previous years; it all builds.

The first semester of third year was exhilarating and exhausting. Third year students performed survival surgeries and entered the clinics for the first time. Our schedules were full of countless hours of lectures and labs. It is astounding to look back and reflect on how much we've learned in 2.5 years. We started first year with an undergrad mentality of memorizing and passing classes. That mentality has changed and now we sit in classes hearing clinical cases and have begun to think like doctors. I'm amazed at how much my classmates have grown and how we have grown together.

As my classmates and I sit here reminiscing on how terrible that radiology final was, I realize we could not survive vet school without each other. Classmates are those we commiserate with and to vent to. We have friends, family, and significant others outside of vet school we lean on, but at the end of the day our classmates are the only ones who truly understand what school is like. I think veterinarians share a special bond with their colleagues. Where many professions can become competitive in school, veterinarians are a band of brothers...even if most of us are sisters. We rely on each other and depend on each other to get through the most grueling educational endeavor of our lives. We bring each other just a little bit of mental sanity.