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More to Life than Studying

So midterms are officially over for me! I said this year would be the year where I would at least attempt to give my friends more time and I can say I've successfully accomplished just that. It is truly important for every college student to remember to devote the time necessary to loved ones, best friends, and/or significant others. I spent so much time during my first two years at Texas A&M scouring textbooks and calculating responses to equations that I, in effect, forgot to calculate my friends into my life. I feel so much more balanced and at ease now that I have.

In addition, I would like to debunk the theory that was repeated to me my freshman year about school becoming "easier" as your undergraduate years go by. If anything, it seems as though my course load is becoming more rigorous, but you know what? I enjoy the challenge! Never would I have thought that I'd actually enjoy learning about X chromosome inactivation or organic mechanisms. I was always more liberal arts inclined until I began my collegiate career.

It's truly interesting how your perspective on what you want to do with your life and what your goals and ambitions are can meander and change with the times.