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My Favorite Part of the Year Is Here

It’s that time again. As an October baby, I was born to love this time of year. This is also the time of year when students are hitting the well-known “burn out” stage. The end of the semester is near and everyone is feeling it. Instead of dwelling over the inevitable, I’m going to think about the things that are orange, black, feathered, pig-skinned, mashed, white, red and jolly.

Howl-o-ween: one of my favorite holidays. I’m a vet student, so any opportunity to dress up my animals is a bonus. This year my dachshund was a hotdog. Each year our class has put together a pet costume contest. This is so fun. It’s neat to see how everyone dresses their pets. At a practice in El Paso, we passed out candy, offered Halloween pet safety information, and discounted vaccines. It’s a good way to reach out to the public, provide a public service, and have fun at the same time. Pumpkin everything: pumpkins spiced latte (perhaps better known as the PSL), pumpkin pie, pumpkin scents and pumpkin carving.  Did you know that originally people carved turnips? Immigrants found the pumpkin in the United States and began using it to carry on the long standing carving tradition. Pumpkin carving was used to encourage families to come together during the harvest season.

Gobble, gobble, football! Oh, Thanksgiving. A time for food, friends, family and football. The most difficult decision this time of year whether to serve turkey or ham. The time of year we all attempt to give ourselves and everyone around us (including the pets) pancreatitis. Football…big college games= greasy finger food and the outdoors. Scare crows, corn mazes, apple orchards, apple cider, and apple pie, funnel cake and festivals. The local renaissance festival is a must-see event this time of year. It is fun, silly and weird all at the same time. What a century! The century of educational reform…..wait, I’m going through an education reform!

One word—Bing Crosby. I am dating myself. No, not Bing the search engine. Bing the man who sang Christmas songs like no other. A White Christmas? He sang it. You have heard him. You youngsters just didn’t know the angel you were listening to. This is how November 30 goes at my house: My mom opens the blinds in every room and turns on the stereo. The dis’stant sound of Christmas music begins to fill my ears. Its time! As my mom begins removing all the thanksgiving decorations. My dad is getting the Christmas décor from storage. As the Christmas DJ, I scramble to find the brown leather box that looks like a suitcase—the record player. I find all the Christmas records. We can’t put up Christmas décor without record Christmas music. First play-Bing Crosby, second, Mickey’s Christmas. These two records literally take me to the best place. What is your favorite Christmas album, record, song?

I won’t talk with you again until January so… (singing) Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say, on a bright Hawaiian Christmas day. This is the island greeting that I send with you.