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Not-So-Mythical Free Time


Now that two weeks of my second year of veterinary school have been completed, I am so happy to be able to say the "mythical free time" of second year that we heard about all the time as first years is actually true. As second years, we don't start class until 9 am (hooray!), and my classmates and I are done with class at either noon or at 3 pm two days a week. It is completely different from first year, when most days we spent our time in class every day from 8 am to 5 pm and then had to come home and study at night as well. Don't get me wrong: I still study in the evenings, but with the flexibility in our schedule I can use my time wisely and study in the afternoon and actually have a night off every once in a while.

Another difference between first and second year is that this year our class is the guinea pig for a new addition to the curriculum called Veterinary Spanish. With the growing number of Spanish speakers living in Texas it is something that should be quite useful to us once we begin practicing. However, I'm a little apprehensive about it. The only Spanish that I know is what is on a Mexican food menu, and clearly that would not help me in an exam room with a Spanish speaking client. Our Spanish class is going to last 6 weeks and we are covering everything from greetings to physical exams, all the way to discussing what is wrong with our patient. We had our first lesson on Friday, and I definitely have a lot to learn. On the upside, we are very fortunate to have many Spanish speaking faculty members to help us throughout these 6 weeks. Plus, we have more free time this semester, so I can put it on my list to study and hopefully become a little more functional than I am now. But for now, adios!