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One Last Break

Another Spring Break is completed, and for the third year vet students it is the last break our class will get until we graduate.  Sure, we have our intersemester period with a week off at Christmas time and some of the class will get spring break next year, but our whole class will not be getting a break together until graduation day.  It is amazing to think that we have come this far, in 7 short weeks we will begin our final step towards our license as 4th year begins.  We will be out of the classrooms and into the clinics, and I couldn't be more excited.  Our goals are within our reach, and we are about to be the big kids on campus.  I thought we would never make it this far, but here we are, ready and able!  I am excited for all of my classmates as the future really opens up for us in this next year.   It is an exciting time, a time of discovery and growth in our career.  This spring break was a great chance to just relax one last time before we take the plunge into clinics, before our life of learning really starts!  Good luck 2014, 7 more weeks until we leave the lecture hall!

I hope everyone out there has had a great spring break, and remember to be thankful for everything, because whatever you are doing now was once a dream you had!