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Planning Fun: More exciting than it sounds!

I have some big news for you guys-I got into vet school! In fact, I've been in vet school for five weeks now! The last month has been a whirlwind of lectures, lab, student organizations, studying, studying, and more studying. Trying to manage your time as a veterinary student is extremely difficult. The first year veterinary students are in lecture and lab for 28 hours during the traditional 40-hour work week. In addition to that class time, it's recommended that you study for 40 hours per week. Being a veterinary student is a demanding full time job!

Time management is essential to make your study time count and allow personal time as well. Personal time includes some basic everyday activities, like eating, personal hygiene, running errands, working out, etc. So wait, you have to plan things like lunch, taking a shower, or running to HEB? Yes! Making sure you are efficient (multiple errands in one trip) will save precious time. Plus, forgetting something like brushing your teeth is not going to make you very popular!

Another part of personal time is everyone's favorite time-FUN TIME! This is going to be different for everyone; it might be hanging out with friends or playing with your dog. Planning 'fun time', may not sound very spontaneous or exciting but it makes life easier. If you know you want to go to a movie with friends or the Aggie football game (WHOOP!), you have to work hard before so that you can have guilt-free fun! There is nothing worse than not being able to enjoy an activity because you feel guilty about not studying. If you have used your time wisely, you deserve that break, so have fun!

Have I found that perfect balance yet? No, but I am trying everyday so I can be a better student and a better person. Finding a balance is a challenge but it is necessary to be healthy, happy, and successful at whatever you want to achieve!