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Take time for yourself

Howdy! I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break! I definitely did, and I know we are all dreading going back to school this week. But the good news is we only have 8 more weeks until summer break! I would also like to congratulate those that got into Veterinary school! Good Job! However, if you didn't get in this time, DON'T give up! Find out what you need to improve on, move forward, and STAY POSITIVE!

Hopefully everyone is doing well in all of their classes. If you aren't, you still have time to improve! Visit one of my pervious blog entries titled, "Learning How to Study", for tips on how to improve your study habits and ultimately, improve your grades. But always remember to take time for yourself! Studying late at night or constantly studying without a break is no good and you will retain very little information. So find an activity that provides that stress release and mental break for you.

As a college student, I know money can be tight, but there are many free or low cost activities on campus for you to take a break from the books. One of my favorite activities is going to the gym. The Recreational center here at Texas A&M is free to Texas A&M students with a valid student ID. It provides a 14,000 square foot weight and fitness room, a track, handball/racquetball courts, indoor climbing, a natatorium, and more. There are also classes that are offered for a low price such as; cardio, kickboxing, cycling, zumba, Pilates, etc. I definitely recommend zumba for the ladies! It is a GREAT workout and you don't even know you're working out because you're having so much fun. But if the REC center is too far away from home for you, take a walk/run around your neighborhood or around campus. Working out is a good and healthy way to relieve stress and it is also a great mental break for yourself.

If working out isn't your thing, there are more activities you can do. The Memorial Student Center is an awesome place to hang out! The game room offers a wide variety of things to do and has 6 gaming pods, each equipped with 42 inch LCD screens. There are also many other attractions to see, like the Hall of Honor or even the huge fountain outside the MSC (it lights up at night). You could even go see a musical, comedy show, or play put on by MSC OPAS in Rudder Theater.

Whether it is baking, dancing, running, watching movies, playing volleyball, shopping, etc., do something that you like to do and take a break from school every now and then! Don't overload your brain because you will strongly dislike yourself during your next test. Trust me; I used to be one of those students who felt guilty for taking a break because I wasn't studying. But you shouldn't feel guilty! Just find that balance between study time and "You" time!