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The End Is Near

The end of the semester is only a few weeks away.  The vet school starts finals in less than a week, and undergraduates’ exams are a few days later.  This means less sleep, and that more caffeine will be consumed, just to gain a few more hours of valuable study time.  However, if students use their time wisely leading up to exams, there will be no lack of sleep, and they will be rested for the finals.

Unlike high school students, college and professional school students have one or possibly two tests a day during finals week.  If there are more than three tests scheduled, students can ask the professor to take the test at a different time to help space everything out.  There is also “dead” week or day, which is a week of no class, to allow more time to study.  It might be easier in undergraduate classes to study the night before the test, but it is necessary in vet school to study more than just the night before.  This year Thanksgiving falls the week before finals, so many students are coming back to College Station Friday morning to study all weekend for their tests.  We will also be studying all week before the exams to prepare ourselves.

Besides just preparing for finals, we are also preparing for the spring semester.  As second years, we begin Junior Surgery, which consists of learning and applying surgical skills.  More specifically, it is suturing techniques and the proper methods to perform surgery.  Everything we learn second year will be used third year to perform our first solo surgery, which most of the time is either a spay or a neuter.  To prepare, my class just purchased surgery packs for use in the class.  Students can either rent a pack from the school or buy their very own.  As a class, we also select a scrub color to wear while on surgery; our color is grey.  The surgical supplies and scrubs will be used throughout our vet school years and sometimes into our professional careers.

I cannot wait to begin next semester!! Good luck on finals and stay warm!