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Time Flies

I’m so glad to be at home to spend time with family and my two kitties, Cookie and Pickles, for a well-deserved break after a long semester!  I’m also looking forward to the wedding of my best friend, Lauren, at the end of this month!

Although the semester felt long while we were in it, it actually passed by pretty quickly.  I truly enjoyed this past semester, as third year is all about learning the medicine, getting exposure to clinics, and practicing clinical skills, as well as being able to take electives that we are personally interested in.  So many milestones were achieved this semester, including performing my first spay on a sweet little Dachshund named Truffles and working on an intestinal anastomosis (in other words, cutting out a section of dead bowel and stitching the remaining viable sections together), learning to distinguish between a cough caused by respiratory disease versus a cough caused by heart failure, and being able to read cytology slides and provide cytological descriptions and presumptive diagnoses based on what we saw.

I’m definitely looking forward to next semester, but am also nervous as well, because it will be the last semester before fourth year and being in clinics full-time!  We recently received our inter-semester work schedules as well as our externship and vacation schedules.  I will definitely be enjoying this Christmas as much as possible as one of my inter-semester work schedules for next year involves working Christmas.  Luckily, many of my friends will also be working Christmas, so we have already discussed having our own potluck Christmas dinner and celebrating with each other –our vet school family.  I still can’t believe I’m only a semester away from being a fourth year.  It seems like just the other day I was receiving my acceptance letter and attending orientation.  Time truly flies!  To the first and second years, it truly does get better every year!  To those currently applying and playing the waiting game, good luck and I hope to see you next year in the halls of the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine!  Through all the stress and late nights, I absolutely love it here, and would not trade this experience for anything.

Happy holidays, everyone!  Until the New Year, thanks and Gig ‘Em!