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Transitioning to Third Year

The transition from second to third year of vet school is still taking some adjustment. If you would have asked me four weeks ago how third year was going, I would have responded with something like, "I hate it. I am exhausted after every day and the classes are so much faster paced than in previous years." Now though, as we are about midway through our second block, my answer would be completely changed.

We are starting to get more interaction with live animals: doing ophthalmic exams on horses and learning how to shoe and remove their shoes. I even got to castrate a pig last week-which to some people might not be too exciting, but as a person with strictly small animal experience, I was pretty stoked. The classes are faster paced than before, but it is now very interesting, as we are finally getting to put disease processes, symptoms, and treatments together. When previously all we had was a lot of information about bugs, drugs, and pathological organs floating aimlessly in our heads, with nothing to join them, we are finally getting to piece all the information together. The more clinically focused learning is something I think we all crave when we enter vet school, so it is great to finally be at that point.

Third year makes it impossible to get bored in any class; your schedule changes every four weeks. That is what is currently taking some figuring out; if you ask me what classes I have two weeks from now and when, I definitely couldn't answer that question with confidence. In all, though, third year has been great for the first few weeks.

This week is our true test though. We have a Small Animal Medicine exam on Monday, I have surgery lab Monday afternoon-which is always exhausting (but fun!), Large Animal Medicine exam on Tuesday, and a case for Correlates (which one day I will figure out how to make a good grade on) due Friday. It will no doubt be an exciting week. Ok, let's go make it great!