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We Are the Aggies, the Aggies Are We

I think the lyrics by Roger Creager say it best, "He's a Fightin' Texas Aggie and he will be 'til he's dead". For me, that sentence couldn't be truer. I have been an Aggie all my life, some might even say before I could talk. So, as you might imagine I adore Aggieland and yes, t-sips will forever be my mortal enemy. The campus is beautiful, the students and the rest of the surrounding community are the friendliest people I know, and we have one of the best veterinary programs in the country. I am blessed to be associated with such a wonderful institution and will forever be a Fightin' Texas Aggie.

So, what is it about Texas A&M that makes it such a special place? Well, in my opinion, there are two answers to that question, family and tradition. As Aggies, we are all connected not only through our love for this university but through a symbol that is universally recognizable, the Aggie Ring. The day I received my Aggie Ring was without a doubt one of the most special and memorable days of my life. Looking at it today, I am reminded of all the friends that I made and all the wonderful times that I had during my undergraduate years at Texas A&M. More importantly, however, it represents my connection to both Texas A&M and Aggies everywhere. My immediate family may be small, but my extended family members are innumerable.

Tradition. Well, Aggieland has plenty of that. Bonfire. 12th man. Howdy. Midnight Yell. Silver taps. Muster. Reveille. The list could go on and on. As Aggies, we take pride in the many traditions that have been part of Texas A&M history for decades. My favorite tradition is that of the 12th Man. Texas A&M is the home of the 12th Man. This tradition began in 1922 during a Texas A&M football game in which the football team had been overcome with injuries. A student named E. King Gill was called down from the stands and suited up, ready to go in if needed. Though he never entered the game, he stood on the sidelines, showing his willingness to serve and support the team. Today, the student body continues to represent the 12th Man by willingly standing during the entire game, united in loyalty and in support of our team. This is my favorite tradition because it not only serves as a gesture of camaraderie, but it also provides a foundation for how to live our lives, through selfless service to others and always striving to make a difference in the world.

I love Aggieland and I can't imagine being anything but an Aggie. For the past year I have had the privilege to represent Texas A&M and the College of Veterinary Medicine through the ambassador program. I am grateful to have had this opportunity because by talking to the public about this great institution and showing them our state-of-the-art facilities, I have been able to give back to Texas A&M just a little of what it has given to me.

Gig 'em and God bless.