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Welcome Back Aggies!

Howdy Ags! A new year is starting and after the excitement of the first week, it is time to settle into a routine and get to studying. For freshman BIMS majors, it's important to start finding your niche and finding an organization that you like and taking advantage of community service opportunities. It is important when applying for professional school to show that you are involved in an organization and remain active, so find something that interests you or join a professional organization. Groups for Pre-Medical, -Dental, and -Vet are great places to start if you hope to pursue that field. Meetings usually include free food-which great for our college budgets-and then professionals in that field come and talk about their journey and what they do within their specific practice. I joined the Pre-Medical Society, and I liked hearing different points of view and how people choose their particular specialties of medicine.

Besides getting involved, another piece of advice from the four years I have been here is to enjoy the traditions around campus. Friends of mine talk about the past and what we have and have not done and most regret not taking part in more Aggie traditions. So it does not matter what year you are; remember to spend some time making memories outside the library and do things like going to Midnight Yell, taking part in Aggie Muster, carving your name into a table at the Dixie chicken, pond hopping in the campus fountains, Big Event, or going to a baseball  game. I have so many memories and great times from all the sporting events and community service projects I have done. Good luck to everybody this fall and let's get ready for Aggie football this Saturday and BTHO Sam Houston State.