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Where did the time go?

Here we are, back in the swing of the semester, I can't believe we are already a quarter of the way into the semester.   For the class of 2014 we are suddenly faced with the reality that our clinical year is actually out there and approaching fast!   I can't believe that we are already in our third year, it feels like just yesterday we were sitting in orientation, frightened first years, thinking we would never reach fourth year, or even third year, but here we are!    Between elective schedules, organizations, and balancing life outside of vet school, it can get pretty stressful and overwhelming, but I ask that everyone remember why we started this.  This is a dream for us all, a calling since we were young to be veterinarians.  Let us never forget that dream, I know I feel so lucky to be here at this fabulous school!  As fourth year approaches we face the prospect of change, no longer will we be sitting in the classroom 8 hours a day, soon we will be in the clinics, with patients and clients of our own.  Treatment schedules, appointments, discharges and phone calls that are on us, because we will be the Doctors.  It is very soon, 2014, so let's roll through this semester, absorbing every ounce of knowledge we can, and rock out clinics in 4 short months!  Good luck with the semester, and keep your eye on the dream and your head in the game.