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Work Hard, Play Hard

Three weeks into school and the pressure is already on to get to work studying!  I usually get to enjoy the first month or so of school relaxing, but being in Anatomy and Biochemistry, I learned very quickly that my spare time needs to be spent either in the lab studying the thoracic limb of my dog or reviewing different pH and pOH equations.

Despite my classes being really hard, I have really been enjoying my senior year.  Football games have always been one of my favorite things to do, and this weekend is the long awaited 'BAMA game!  It came at a good time too-after my lab practical, so no need to worry about studying over the weekend!  Anatomy lab has been a blast, though.  It is extremely hands-on, and gives me an opportunity to study at my own pace.  I don't need to worry about completing on time because if I fall behind, I can come in during open lab hours and either catch up or take that time to do some extra studying.  My lab group is great and we all communicate really well, switching off who gets to skin, probe, cut etc.  Before I enrolled in my anatomy class, I did some research to figure out what I needed to do to get an A in the course, and everyone said to study every single day, and to go into the open lab hours as frequently as possible.  So, that is what I do!  I made notecards and programmed them into my phone (which I always have on me; it is my calendar/email/lifesaver!) so I can just pull it out when I'm sitting around and review my notes. Another great tip I found: Study other dogs, not just your own!  The test will consist of everyone's dogs, and it is wise to get a feel of how different or similar the muscles of your dog look compared to the muscles on a different-sized dog.

With school in focus, I still can't help but get distracted that I will be getting my Fightin' Texas Aggie ring in 10 days! I have been looking forward to September 20th for a very long time.  I called my mom and dad (A Baylor Bear and a Longhorn) telling them to save that day to come get my ring with me, and I couldn't help but laugh when they asked "what the big deal" was.  I told them it was only the best event to happen to an Aggie in college, possibly even better than graduation. (Mom disagreed; she suggested I still graduate.) I think what is great about getting your Aggie ring is that it is a reminder of the hard work and tough times put into the hours that earned you that little piece of gold (earned after 90 credit hours).

So thoughts for the next few weeks: time to BTHO Alabama, Lab Practical, and a still-empty right hand ring finger!