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Almost Halfway Done

The year is winding down and my class is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! We are less than two weeks away from being halfway done with vet school! In the past couple weeks we have gotten our white coats to symbolize our transition to clinical medicine, and I got my Aggie ring, which were both things I had been looking forward to since I started vet school.

Another recent highlight was getting to choose my elective classes for next year. The third year curriculum differs from the first two years in that students are able to choose some of their classes to customize their schedule to reflect their interests, in addition to the mandatory classes that all third years take. It was overwhelming trying to decide which classes to take because there were so many interesting options. I decided to take mostly large animal classes with a couple small animal classes because I would like to practice mixed animal medicine. I ended up getting what I wanted, including bovine reproduction, equine dentistry, colic team, equine wound handling, feline medicine, advanced ruminant herd health and production, camelids, small animal gastroenterology, and small animal clinical cardiology. I am excited to get started on the clinical aspect of my education!