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Clinics: Class of 2015, Here We Come!

Just one more month and the Class of 2015 will be in clinics!  As we wrap up lectures with clinicians, we continue to hear the phrase, “See you in a few weeks!”  It still has not hit me how close we are to actually being in the hospital, talking to clients, and taking care of patients.  Time has gone by so quickly.  It just seems like the other day I was a first year in the anatomy lab learning origins and insertions of muscles and reeking of formalin.  Since then, I have successfully performed my very first spay along with a limb amputation, an intestinal resection and anastamosis, and teeth extractions, given countless tours and advice to prospective veterinary students, and exposed children to the joys of veterinary medicine by helping them “treat” their stuffed animals during Open House, all while studying for what seems like a never-ending amount of tests, coordinating meetings for student organizations, and attempting to get an appropriate amount of sleep.

The thought of finally being in clinics is both exciting and terrifying.  I am excited to be able to get to practice diagnosing and treating actual patients.  This, of course, is also terrifying.  Every veterinary student hits a point where they start to ask, “Can I really do this?  Will I be a good doctor?”  At this point in our career, we have learned a lot, but we still have so much more to learn and experience.  Being in clinics shows us just how much we still have to learn, which can definitely be scary—a good kind of scary, yes, but scary nonetheless.  Of course, being in clinics also means no more studying—well, except for the mother of all tests that we have to take in November, also known as the NAVLE or the Veterinary National Boards, but at least it’s just one test and not four per class that we are taking.  Motivation is definitely dwindling in this last month of third year.  I will also have to adjust my sleeping schedule.  I’m sure that napping during the day while working in clinics is frowned upon. In the end, I believe the excitement of finally being in clinics will outweigh the anxiety—or at least I hope it will!  At least I can now see that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger.

Speaking of the light at the end of the tunnel, congratulations to all my fourth year friends who are almost there!  I couldn’t be more excited for you!  Here’s to seeing you on the other side in a year!