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Figuring out the Rest of my Life


Well, it is that time again. I’m soon entering my last leg of the veterinary school tour. My class has only a few months left until our clinical year starts. I am officially over studying for exams—I want to study to learn it, not to cram it. I want to apply the knowledge we have learned and soon I will have the chance!

With the next chapter of my life soon opening, my thoughts have turned toward life in practice versus life in school. I am currently trying to decide where I want to practice. Houston, San Antonio, the Dallas area: all of these places are options. My parents live in Denver, Colorado, so that too is an option. Having so many possibilities makes the decision more challenging. I have also over the last year considered applying for a clinical pathology residency, which would be another three years.

I also have been thinking more about my family and working in the “real world.” The real world is a different lifestyle with different stresses, but the clinical year will help with that transition. With fourth year around the corner, I am also in the midst of setting up externships. One of my externships is in the San Antonio area; this will be a small animal exclusive practice. I like San Antonio; it’s laid back and I just feel comfortable there. I haven’t yet set up the other externship, but I’d like it to be a mixed practice, preferably 70% small and 30% ruminant. Still, I could go for a 50/50 practice (I’m not really that picky). I really enjoy small ruminants, so I’d like to potentially work in a mixed practice when I graduate.

Who knows where I’ll end up or what animals I’ll practice on. Variety–the best feature of veterinary medicine! Well, with that I’ll leave you. Perhaps next time we talk I’ll know where I’m headed, but until then, thanks for reading!