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Getting That Piece of Gold

Coming here as a non-Texas A&M student for vet school, I was worried I would not get to experience the traditions that come with being an Aggie.  However, this is not true AT ALL! Even though the vet school facilities are off in their own little world, separate from main campus to a certain extent, we get to be a part of the environment.  It starts the moment students drive into College Station, and continues up until the day we will graduate.

It is using howdy to say hi, to the first football game in August, standing as the 12th Man and supporting your team with the rest of the town, even when it gets too hot in the Texas heat.  Then it’s the nights at Harry’s, dancing the night away.  Other traditions include attending Midnight Yell before every home football game, weekly Breakaway church services, and monthly Silver Taps.

However, as a second year vet student, the next tradition I get to experience is ordering that little piece of gold that will adorn my right ring finger come this April.  Yes, I am talking about my Aggie Ring!  A&M students can order their Aggie rings when they have acquired 90 hours in their undergraduate degree programs.  As professional students, only 45 hours are needed at Texas A&M to be eligible to get a ring.  Students first order their ring and on Ring Day, which is April 11th this year, those students will receive this very special piece of jewelry. Families and friends will celebrate this joyous achievement with the student.

The weekend before Ring Day, second year vet students have their White Coat Ceremony.  This is the transition period between the classroom work of first and second years to the third and fourth years in which students are more prominent within the small and large animal hospitals. It signifies our transition to becoming actual doctors. To prepare, students are fitted for their coats months in advance.

Second years have an exciting semester ahead, with getting their white coats and Aggie Rings! Come April, make sure you ask to see that new piece of shiny gold.  They will be looking to show it off.