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Here's To the Start of a New Year

First week of the spring semester is over: let’s all take a moment and applaud ourselves for surviving it. I don’t know about you, but outside of test weeks, the first week of the semester is always hardest for me. It’s like you have to work extra-hard the first week just to remind yourself that you have to once again make somewhat of an effort day to day. The lazy days that accompany every vacation break are over now.

So as we all begin this spring semester, I wanted to issue a challenge, especially to those of you who are about to face a really tough semester. Ever semester is a fresh start, a chance to do things better than you did the semester before. Whether it’s actually reading that textbook you spent hundreds of dollars on or cutting down on the number of Fuego runs you make. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also the “start” of a new year, so we all have those resolutions we’re going to try to keep.

Personally, my goal this semester, and hopefully the remainder of the year, is to make an effort. I’ve gotten by giving a lot of things in my life the bare minimum, from reading only the parts of the book we covered in class to texting long-distance friends only once in a while. Even my daily diet has gotten minimal effort from me as I prepare the quickest, most convenient meals. This semester, if nothing else, I’m going to simply TRY more. Give conversations my full attention, make more phone-calls to catch up with people, do better about engaging the world outside of myself. I even went grocery shopping and only bought food that needed to be cooked before eating. So, rather than wearing yourself out trying to meet all those New Year demands on your list, pick one, focus on it and actually stick with it. Take this semester as the new chance it is and try sticking with a resolution past March for a change. That will be my goal at least.