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Learning to Love a Cat

Since I was a kid, I have always been a "dog-person." I would say that I didn't mind cats, but that would be a lie. I hated cats, almost as much as my terrier, Oliver, hated them. In fact, if I spotted a cat on one of our walks, I would sharply ask Oliver, "where's the cat?!" so he could go searching for it (but never actually getting close enough to touch). I couldn't get over the fact that they used the bathroom in the house, walked in it, and then walked anywhere they wanted, including the kitchen counters.  Given how I felt about cats, my friends and family were surprised when I announced that I had adopted a 1-month-old kitten named Callie.  She had managed to crawl into the bottom of my car, and I had driven down the highway for about 10 minutes without knowing she was there.  She clearly was a stray and needed a home, so I decided to give her a shot. Plus, she clearly was spunky enough to hang on during the 60 mph ride, so I figured she deserved it.

At first, I didn't quite know how to deal with her.  Unlike my dogs that are anxious to see me and constantly want to be petted, Callie couldn't seem to care less.  In fact, she would come up to me, and by about the fifth stroke, she would turn and bite my hand. I just didn't understand. Why would anyone want a cat?

Slowly but surely, the uniqueness of cats started to grow on me. I found myself watching her as she plotted to grab one of the dogs by the neck or batted around a moth for about 5 minutes. One of my favorite "Callie moments" was just recently.  My boyfriend and I adhere to a strict "no Callie on the counter EVER and no Callie in our laps while we eat" rule.  A couple of nights ago while eating dinner, Callie wouldn't take "no" for an answer, continuing to jump into my lap and his lap while we were eating.  Each time, we would set her on the ground and continue eating.  She clearly was not giving up, and decided she would try to get to the table via an alternate route.  Before we knew it, she had jumped up behind my boyfriend's chair and embedded her claws in his back to hold on.  Needless to say, he was shocked and quickly tried to relocate her.  He reprimanded her (which means nothing for a cat), and she pranced off without a care in the world, except for getting onto the kitchen table.

Although she may sound a little evil, she is quite a great kitten. She is incredibly curious, daring, and independent, but she has grown into a very sweet and cuddly cat.  She loves to fall asleep on my lap while I study, purring and perfectly content all wrapped in her blanket.  Since having Callie around, I have come to appreciate the differences between cats and dogs, and I truly enjoy having her around.  Whether she is swaying from her cat-tower, sprinting back and forth and spinning the ball on her toy, or chasing her tail, she seems to provide endless entertainment and I wouldn't trade her for anything...even a dog.