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Open House

On March 29th, Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences will be opening up their doors for the 21st annual Vet School Open House.  The event first started as petting zoo to help show off the college and over the years it has developed into a grand day of events.  Anyone is welcome to come, and there are activities for all ages.

So, what actually goes on at Open House? In the weeks leading up to the event, vet students judge art projects submitted by K-12 students, and the results are then displayed in the halls of the school.  There are exhibits and lectures indoors, such as a question and answer session with vet students, where individuals can ask pretty much anything—including what a veterinarian actually does.  Also, Search and Rescue Dogs 101, training and behavior tips, and nutritional information for cats and dogs can be found in the lecture halls of rooms 5 and 201.

There are many exhibits located outside, such as learning the purpose of a fistulated cow, a demonstration of milking, farrier and horseshoeing skills, and the ultrasound of a pregnant goat.  Cattle, horse, and canine breeds tents are located around campus, where individuals can learn about different breeds of these animals, and if they are known to have a specific purpose and function.  Some of the other outdoor events include demonstrations from the Bryan Police K-9 Unit, Mad Science presented by the Graduate Student Association and Postdoctoral Association, and dog agility.  These demonstrations are presented throughout the day and everyone is welcome to come and watch and occasionally participate.

Tours of both the small and large animal hospitals are offered.  Different veterinary specialty rooms are set up for demonstrations, such as zoo, feline, and emergency medicine, cardiology, radiology, dentistry, and orthopedics.  Also the aquatic treadmill will be running to show how rehabilitation is used in the clinic, and live spays and neuters will be occurring in the surgery suites.

Kids have an opportunity to perform surgery on a teddy bear, which they then get to keep.  They also get to hold some exotic animals such as lizards and snakes.  Anatomy, histology, parasites, and pathology are a few subjects of the first and second year of vet school, and these are highlighted during open house in various rooms.  You can also pick up some of your favorite vet school merchandise at the gift shop, from all the different clubs on campus.  This includes t-shirts, caps, water bottles, mugs, and dog toys.

So, come on out and see what vet school has to offer.  To find more information and a complete schedule of the day’s events, go to the Open House website.