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Spring Break!

Spring Break is officially underway! Like all vet students, I was counting down the days until I had a week all to myself.  The second year class finished another long week of tests, and by the end, I was ready for a break!

After wrapping up class on Friday, a couple of my friends and I went to see Frozen (which I highly recommend!) and ate lunch.  It was the perfect way to begin to decompress and rediscover this foreign concept of "free time".  My plans for the rest of the week include fishing at Lake Bryan (weather permitting), planning my wedding, seeing friends, and reading at least one book for fun.

But, as much as I love free time, when the time comes to start class again I'll be ready to finish the rest of the semester.  My classmates and I have several things to look forward to as we wrap up second year.  In April, my class will get our white coats at a special White Coat Ceremony signifying the beginning of our journey into medicine classes.  I'm excited because my parents will be flying out from California to attend! Also, in April I will get my Aggie ring!  The key to surviving vet school is to keep your eye on the prize and only a few short months stand between me and being halfway done with vet school!!