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The closing of one door leads to the opening of another

Hello! Well, we are back for our last semester before we start clinical work (a nervous YAY!). I am both excited and anxious to start fourth year. We have been prepared by the best; they have molded us (perhaps chiseled is the better descriptor) for our entry into the last phase, clinical medicine.

I’m excited because I am definitely a “hands-on” student.  I am excited to start working soon after, and begin the paying off my investment (my debt). I am also going to miss a lot: the people, the instructors, the students, the grasshopper room. I won’t miss those Pepsi products (everyone knows Coke is the better product).

On a serious note, we will soon be celebrating the groundbreaking of new classroom building, which will be up shortly after we graduate. When I return, one fine day, I won’t recognize the building or the rooms. I won’t be able to wonder halls that are laced with my memories. It’s neat when you hear a lecturer tell you that he or she sat in that same classroom when they went to school. It will be bittersweet to know we will not be able to say that to future classes.

On the bright side, for you future students, it is going to be awesome! The building is super cool looking.  You won’t have the bum and back pain associated with sitting in rooms 2004 or 1111 (it’s not that bad, but after two hours it can be a bit uncomfortable). You will have more study rooms, so you won’t have to fight undergraduate and graduate students for rooms in the library. Who knows—perhaps they will even have a Coke machine (wink, wink)! They are building the new education building with you guys in mind.

I’m excited for those classes of students; it is going to be nice. We have all had some input on this building, since day one. So, we, the students and faculty, have been designing and deciding on a building for you! After all, we aren’t the top veterinary schools, producing some of greatest DVMs, for nothing. This building was needed and shows how much the college, and Texas A&M more broadly, cares about their veterinary students. It is well deserved.

In a couple of years, I will be closing the door at the Texas A&M University and opening the one to a new office and a new clinic. Soon after, several of you (as in 130+) will be opening the doors of the new classroom building. We will all soon be embarking on a new phase in our lives, so YAY! Just know when you walk in those doors, this is one of the finest veterinary schools, with the brightest teaching minds, and you are blessed to be in that seat, just as I have been blessed to be leaving mine.