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The Tides are Turning

My first round of tests for the spring semester is almost officially over. The only hurdle I have left to conquer is biochemistry. I am completely anticipating near-sleepless nights in preparation for the exam (an unhealthy habit, I know!)

As this semester progresses, however, I will be anticipating the receipt of my Aggie ring! After five and a half semesters of pouring over textbooks and endless amounts of that overpriced water the world formally knows as Starbucks, I can finally say I will be an owner of one of Aggieland’s most prized possessions. With graduation just a year away, I am fully aware of the fact that this period in my life will determine so much. But, my faith has certainly allowed me to face my impending future not with reproach or fear, but with eager anticipation. So, here’s to a successful semester!