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We're Almost There

For those of you not keeping track of the calendar as intently as I am, I have some wonderful news.

  1. We have two and a half weeks of school left (that includes finals).
  2. This fall semester, school starts on September 1st (which roughly translates into four months of summer vacation).
  3. The groundbreaking ceremony for the CVM education complex is next Wednesday. This building will provide not only a more collaborative environment for students, but also allow the vet school to increase the incoming class size, should the need arise. A very important fact, considering A&M is the only vet school in the state.

The next two and a half weeks will be grueling, filled with end-of-term papers, group project conclusions, and more tests than you can imagine, over more material than you realize you’ve covered in the entire semester, I’m sure. But let the aforementioned three points above be your guiding beacons of hope. We are truly, almost done.

Lastly, seeing as this is my final entry for the semester, I would like to give a shout out to the graduating seniors of the Biomedical Sciences program and other Texas A&M degree programs. You guys are our inspiration and drive to finish. Thank you for being our leaders and advisors in just about all areas of life. Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors. You’re going to rule the world.