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My, How Time Flies!

Well, the semester is coming to a close and it flew by like you wouldn’t believe. The block scheduling of third year really makes the time go by; you only have some classes for 4 weeks, so you are not in most classes long enough to get tired of them; you are actively wanting to learn the entire time. The only thing that is a little tough is if you have exams in your core classes during the last week of the block because you may have finals in your electives. We had a pretty tough week a couple of weeks ago. I had four exams in one week while others had three (it just depended on your classes), but it was our last round of tests until finals, which blew most of our minds.

After that horrible week of tests, I recently celebrated my birthday. We had a birthday in our class almost every day last week, so we decided to do a joint birthday celebration at the local bowling alley. We invited the entire class and quite a few people showed up; it was really great to get everyone together, which really has not happened in a long time (maybe even since first year) since everyone has been busy with exams and cases. For the first time in a long time, I remembered one of the most important things about vet school: your class quickly becomes your colleagues and your friends.