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Orbit I prefer to keep my feet firmly placed on the ground.  Even as a child, I refused to stand on anything high and roller coasters were out of the question.  A family trip to Disney World in the fifth grade consisted of much time sitting on park benches in protest while everyone else enjoyed the rides.  I've never had an interest in rock climbing and believe that every time I ride in a plane there is a 50/50 chance the plane crashes to the ground.  And I never had an interest in space exploration.  I have quite a nice time on earth and have no curiosity for the stars and planets.  That is until this past weekend.  My husband planned a surprise late Valentine's celebration to go to the Houston Symphony and attend the opening weekend of their new concert, "Orbit."  I was told that it was images of space set to symphony music, and while I love the symphony, the photos of space seemed less interesting. When w... (Read More)