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Open House

Open House On March 29th, Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences will be opening up their doors for the 21st annual Vet School Open House.  The event first started as petting zoo to help show off the college and over the years it has developed into a grand day of events.  Anyone is welcome to come, and there are activities for all ages. So, what actually goes on at Open House? In the weeks leading up to the event, vet students judge art projects submitted by K-12 students, and the results are then displayed in the halls of the school.  There are exhibits and lectures indoors, such as a question and answer session with vet students, where individuals can ask pretty much anything—including what a veterinarian actually does.  Also, Search and Rescue Dogs 101, training and behavior tips, and nutritional information for cats and dogs can be found in the lecture halls of rooms 5 and 201. There are many exhib... (Read More)

Vet School Open House Weekend

Vet School Open House Weekend This past weekend was one of the highlight weekends for the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine.  On Saturday, April 14, we opened our doors to the public, that they may get a small glimpse into the world of veterinary medicine and all of its wonder.  We had children surgically repairing their beloved "pets" in teddy bear surgery, teenagers learning what the inside of a cow's stomach (the rumen) feels like, and many other opportunities to learn about different aspects of veterinary medicine and biomedical science.  There were also opportunities for people to learn about Alpaca wool weaving, canine agility, falconry, animal breeds, and of course there were opportunities to take pictures with the famous Ms. Reveille.  Open House is always a time for us vet students to really shine. We plan for it all year, and on that day we get the chance to show the public what we do. For one day we can instill in the general populati... (Read More)

Open House

Open House This Saturday will be the 19th Annual Open House here at the College of Veterinary Medicine!  Every year, the student body and staff come together and open up the veterinary school to the public.  The day will be full of educational (and fun!) displays and lots of demonstrations with live animals.  This event is an excellent opportunity to educate the public about our profession.  Many hours of planning and preparation are required to make this event a success.  While it takes a lot of hard work, it is well worth it when you see the kids (and parents too!) enjoying the experience.  I never attended Open House as a kid.  I actually had very little exposure to veterinary medicine until college, but it's really cool to hear classmates talk about attending Open House as kids and then seeing them as students now.  I sincerely hope that everyone who attends learns more about our treasured profession.  I hope... (Read More)

Another Successful Open House

Another Successful Open House This weekend, I had the privilege of participating in the College's largest, student-led community event of the year: Vet School Open House. For 18 years, the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences has opened its doors for the public to experience what veterinary medicine is all about. Hundreds of students and volunteers come together on this special day to dedicate their time to educate and entertain nearly 15,000 guests with a vast array of animal exhibits and demonstrations. This year, I had the honor to serve as a co-chair and surgeon for the famous Teddy Bear Surgery. Teddy Bear Surgery is a child's dream. Boys and girls of all ages are encouraged to bring their favorite stuffed animal to the small animal hospital for "surgical repair". Tattered and torn from years of love (or, an unfortunate run-in with the family dog), these fuzzy friends often arrive with frayed stitching, broken arms, missing eyes, and some even requi... (Read More)

Vet Med Ambassadors Visit with Mascot at Open House

Vet Med Ambassadors Visit with Mascot at Open House Jaime and Sarah, two Vet Med Ambassadors, attended the open house for the new kitchen in the Small Animal Hospital donated by Nestle PURINA PetCare today. They both ran into Reveille, the mascot for Texas A&M University and a patient of the Small Animal Clinic, and her primary caretaker, Cody Guffey. Jaime and Sarah were both amazed at the improvement the small animal kitchen has experienced over the past couple of months as they know the need for proper nutrition is vital in any patient's successful recovery. (Read More)