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The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Archive for tag: White Coat Ceremony

Halfway There!

Halfway There! This past Friday, April 13, my fellow second-year veterinary students and I received our white coats! The White Coat Ceremony is a much-anticipated tradition that celebrates our “transition from classroom study to clinical work.” During the ceremony, our faculty mentors presented us with our coats as our loved ones proudly cheered. For some neat history of the White Coat Ceremony here at Texas A&M University, I encourage you to check out this link. Rebecca (third from the right) and her family, who flew in from California for the White Coat Ceremony on Friday All of my wonderful family flew out to College Station from California for the occasion. There is no doubt that I have been able to make it to this point thanks, in huge part, to their endless support and encouragement of my DVM pursuit, and it was so nice to take a break from school for a few days to enjoy having all of them here with me in town. Receiving our white coats ... (Read More)

Preparing for a White Coat

Preparing for a White Coat There are officially four more weeks of my second year of veterinary school! This easily has been the most challenging semester of my vet school career. And although I’m incredibly appreciative of all the information I’ve learned, I’m ready for a break. It’s weird to think that this upcoming summer will be the last summer break of my life before I'm thrown into the adult world, with a full-time job, responsibilities, and all that jazz. But in the meantime, I’m focusing on upcoming events like finals, summer plans, and White Coat Ceremony. The White Coat Ceremony, for the 2VMs, is next Friday (April 13)! It is a pretty big event, symbolizing our transition from the classroom to clinics, and I am SO. PUMPED. It’s practically a graduation in the middle of our vet school career. People’s families are coming in, there will be tears and tons of photos, and also lots of traffic considering that it’ll be the same day as Ring Day on main campus. B... (Read More)

Parents Weekend

Parents Weekend One of the things I look forward to every year here in College Station, TX is Parents' Weekend! I'm an out of state student from California, and so I don't get to see my family as often as I would want to. Parents' Weekend is the one time during the year that my family makes the trip out here to Texas, and it's always so much fun!  As an added bonus this year all of us second year students got our white coats! At our White Coat Ceremony (which is the day before Parents' Day), all of the second year students were honored by faculty, staff, fellow students, and our family and friends. We got to walk across the stage and put on a bright new white coat as a symbol of the fact that we have made it through our first two years of veterinary school and into the clinical part of our curriculum. Getting our white coats was such a proud moment for all of us. After all of the many long years of hard work, late night studying and stress, we were fin... (Read More)